SASSA Status Pending For Long 2024

The ‘SASSA Status Pending‘ is a common phase in the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) process.

It refers to the period when you’ve applied for the SRD, your application is under review, and yet to be approved by Sassa. If you’ve applied for SRD and you’re seeing this status, don’t panic. It’s a normal part of the procedure. It might take some time, and the wait can be frustrating. But understanding what it means and how long it will take can help ease some of your concerns. Simply visit Sassa’s nearest office if your status is pending more than the usual time.

SASSA Status Pending

Why is SASSA Status Pending

When you see ‘SASSA Status Pending’, it’s simply indicating that your application is under review and hasn’t been approved or denied yet.  It’s a common part of this process and doesn’t mean anything negative. The review process takes time, especially considering the high volume of applications that SASSA often has to deal with. According to the SASSA, they are working 24 hours continuously to deal with the applications. Read More about Sassa Status Check Declined For R350 Grant. And if your Sassa status is declined then you should read here SASSA Reconsideration Application.

Why is SASSA Status Pending

Keep yourself updated with the latest information. You can do this by regularly checking the status of your application online. Sometimes, you might even receive updates through text messages or emails.

However, if the ‘Pending’ status stays for an unusually long time then you can contact SASSA directly through their customer service number 0800 601 011. They’re there to assist you and answer any queries you might have. 

Secondly, your status could be pending because SASSA is waiting for additional information or documentation from you. Have you submitted all the necessary documents? Have you filled out all the required fields in your application? If you’ve missed anything, your application might be on hold until you submit the missing details.

How Long Does SASSA Pending Status Take?

Typically, SASSA aims to process applications within seven working days. As stated, a huge number of applications received by SASSA can take longer. In some cases, it may take up to a month or even longer.

You’re likely to receive an SMS notifying you of your application status once it’s processed. If your status remains pending beyond the usual timeframe. It could mean that SASSA is still reviewing your application or that there may be some information missing.

Why Is SASSA Taking So Long To Approve?

  • The number of applications SASSA receives is the first reason. This can cause delays as the agency has to process each application carefully.
  • There might be issues with your application. If you’ve missed out on some crucial information or made errors while filling out the form, SASSA has to get back to you for clarification.
  • SASSA might be carrying out further investigations. If there are inconsistencies in your application, or if it’s flagged by the system for some reason.
  • Lastly, the possible reason can be the bureaucratic red tape. Like any government agency, SASSA is bound to follow rules and regulations.

Why is SASSA Delaying SRD 350 Grants?

  • 1. They’re tasked with verifying the eligibility of millions of South Africans who’ve applied for the grant.
  • 2. Secondly, there’s the issue of fraud. Several reports are there about some individuals trying to game the system and claim grants they’re not eligible for. This has forced SASSA to tighten its verification processes. This fraudulent activity involves checking the numbers provided by the applicants to ensure that their phone numbers weren’t involved in any of the fraudulent activities.
  • 3. They verify details including ID number, name, and surname to ensure. This is done by the Department of Home Affairs. In addition, it might include proof of income, identification documents, and any other information they require.
  • 4. Once they ensure the details about the grants the individual might be getting from anywhere else, they further investigate the ID number with South African Revenue Services (SARS).
  • 5. There are other resources to ensure including the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), the South African Revenue Services (SARS), the Department of Social Development (DSD), and the National Register of Social Grants (NRSG).

According to these departments, if you’re getting funds from anywhere, therefore, you are not eligible for any grant then your pending status will be converted into the SASSA Status Failed.


You need to wait until your SASSA Status Check Pending is converted as approved. You need to wait for a long but you can get the cash once your status is approved. If your application is rejected then it can be re-applied but make sure you’re getting the funds from anywhere else. You can grab their support by SMS service, the other option is to send an email to SASSA. They’ve got a dedicated email address for queries [email protected], and their response time is commendable. More guide Moya App SASSA Status Check Guide For Applicants

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