Is There Any R700 SASSA Grant? Doubled?

Imagine you’re a struggling South African citizen and you hear rumors of a R700 SASSA grant. The usual R350 grant has been a crucial aid for many, so has it doubled?

Is There Any R700 SASSA Grant Doubled

We’ll also guide you on how to avoid being duped by false information and where to get accurate, reliable news. This is your ultimate guide to deciphering the truth about the R700 SASSA grant.

What is SASSA SRD R350 Grant

This grant, provided by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), is a Social Relief of Distress (SRD) initiative specifically for you if you’re unemployed and don’t receive any other form of governmental assistance.

You apply online, providing all required documents and information. If you’re eligible, you’ll receive the R350 grant each month. Remember, it’s not an endless resource. It’s a temporary relief mechanism, usually provided for a specific period, often extended due to the ongoing economic challenges posed by the pandemic.

In essence, the SASSA SRD R350 Grant is a safety net, a monthly sum to help cover basic needs. Don’t let rumors of an R700 grant misguide you; for now, R350 is the genuine aid you can rely on.

Exploring the R700 SASSA Grant Rumors

You may have come across whispers or social media posts suggesting a doubling of the current R350 grant. Sadly,  there’s no R700 SASSA grant.

This is purely a rumor, and it’s crucial to verify such information before spreading it. Misinformation can breed confusion and disappointment, especially among those genuinely needing assistance. Trust official sources like the South African government or SASSA themselves for accurate updates.

Remember, there are many SASSA grants, such as the Old Age Pension, but none of them offer R700. Despite the economic hardships many South Africans face, the existing SASSA grants, including the R350 one, continue to provide essential support.

Is There Any Upcoming News about the R700 SASSA Grant?

Despite what you might’ve heard, there are no upcoming news or official announcements about an R700 SASSA grant.

As it stands, the SASSA grant remains at R350. Contrary to the circulating rumors, the South African government has made no indication that the grant will be increased to R700. 

Is There Any Upcoming News about R700 SASSA Grant?

No, it is not announced by the government officials that they have doubled the grant nor they will double it in the upcoming days. The government of South Africa has declined the rumors about the upcoming R700 grant. They clearly stated on their Twitter account that the SASSA grant will remain R350.

Official SASSA Grants List

Official SASSA Grants List

The grants include

  • Child Support Grant: R500 per month for the first child, R480 per month for each additional child.
  • Foster Child Grant: R1120 per month.
  • Care Dependency Grant: R2080 per month.
  • Older Person’s Grant: R1910 per month for individuals. R3820 per month for married couples.
  • Disability Grant: R2080 per month for individuals aged 18 to 59 years. R2150 per month for individuals aged 60 years and above.
  • War Veteran’s Grant: R2100 per month. Depending upon the war disability condition.
  • SRD Grant: R350 per month. This grant is currently extended until March 31, 2024.


In conclusion, you’ve seen that there’s no R700 SASSA grant. The reality is, that the SASSA grant is currently fixed at R350.

It’s essential to verify any information related to SASSA grants from official sources. The South African government and the SASSA organization themselves are the most reliable sources for any updates or changes regarding SASSA grants. You can’t afford to rely on hearsay or unverified claims.

While it’s true that South Africa has a high number of unemployed and poor individuals, the existence of a R700 SASSA grant is simply not supported by any factual evidence. It’s a falsehood that should be dismissed outright.

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